Honey massage



Honey for massage? Why not! Knowing how valuable honey is, such a duo should not be too surprised. The fruits of bee work have long since earned a positive reputation not only among the sweet tooth but among all those who value natural medicine. Honey is used not only for the treatment of colds or other diseases, but also for beauty. Its antioxidant and antibacterial properties have a positive effect on the skin, and when combined with massage movements, the benefits are doubled.

Honey massage is performed with specially prepared honey. After a ninety-minute massage, you will feel relaxed, less stressed and feel better.

Benefits of honey massage:

Honey acts as a peeling agent - helps to clean up dirt and dead skin cells.
It improves blood circulation and lymph circulation, which improves the skin's supply of oxygen and other essential substances.
Better feeling, more strength. It also reduces feelings of stress and fatigue.
After the massage the skin becomes softer and firmer.
Honey massage strengthens immunity.

Duration of the procedure 90 min. (including undressing and dressing).

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